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!I hate how people keep on rejecting me when they find out I like Insane clown posse. What the fuck is that shit. Acting like I'm a goddamn
pinko >:O

I think it's funny when people think I'm a jerk.
Maybe because they're right ;)

I hate how I'm good at making friends, but I seem to be shitty at keeping them. <--that was completely self indulgent..I could keep friends better if I wanted to.

I hate it when people talk about cars around me. I don't know SHIT about cars.

I hate how people expect everything to make sense and they can't let themselves be open to the madness that occurs in life. For living on a fucking blue and green orb we sure have a lot of uppity tightwads.

We need everyone to chill. Right here and now. EVERYONE RIGHT HERE AND FUCKING NOW: Go outside with a loved one and lay on the the stars...and sling back some booze. Do it..NOW. Talk about everything that yuo want to until friggen sunset.
Drink your arse off till you act silly and crazy. Watch the sunrise and get nekkid and start the revolution!!!!!!!!

You should probably be listening to Sublime.

Some of my favorite things:
Intimate conversations (im' not talking about sex..i'm talking about just when you're having a conversation with one person..and the convo isn't about another's about a Mars..or something I dunno)
Parties and drinking
the river..walking to the river

I love being with one person!! It's so bomb. One person or a huge group.
Yes this isn't related to hating things..but..TOO FUCKIN BAD BITCH
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