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I am so sick of everyone being so god-damn self-centered. And i know that it sounds self centered to say that but seriously i was sitting on the bus yesterday, just observing the way that people speak this dawned on me and it pisses me off.
...You want to get away from "drama", you might as well frigin leave the planet. You can't get away from other's problems nor can you get away from your own. So, GET OVER IT!!! Seriously, it will always be there, you need to get over yourself. It's so over-rated. And that makes me not able to stand you...
... And yes being "all over someone" is relative. your ideas about the subject and mine differ my dear. Talking to your boyfried when i didnt know that he is your boyfriend and giving him my number and laughing with him is not being all over. seriously, you get over it too.
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