hillary (hyyperactive3) wrote in oh_no_you_didnt,

hi. im new. i work at taco bell. this is what goes through my head when i am there sometimes. have a nice day!

*maybe if i was friends with osama bin laden i would tell him to the way to kill america is stick poison in the meat at all the fast food places so everyone who ate it would die, but not die right away, give it like 2 weeks cause then no one would trace it back to the meat.

*i sort of hope that everyone who ordered a cheesy gordita crunch at taco bell this weekend chokes on it and dies

*you shouldnt come in my drive thru drunk and not know what the hell you are talking about cause maybe i will spit in your pop next time....you piss me off

*im pretty sure i could do a lot of damage to myself or other things with the box cutter, so dont underestimate the possibilites

*sarah shouldn't treat me like a little kid. it pisses me off and i about cant handle it. i hope sorta taht she gets inpregnated before she gets out of college, has to drop out and support her kid off taco bell. that would suck for her. she is on a fucking power trip

*i sort of hope that if you are deathly allergic to (pick your favorite: tomatos, meat, cheese, wheat, chips, whatever) and you come to taco bell anyway, that you accidently get that item on ur food anyway and your face swells up and you die

*too bad if i ever get a hold of the manager card that i should have cause im fucking trained to be a manager, i would screw up the food cost so bad the day weekend manager would get fired.

*um, dont act like a douchebag and come through the drive thru, order a bunch of food, and then say u only have a debit card. no ones likes you very much and we will probly slash ur tires if we ever see ur car again.

*dont yell at me when im trying to take your order and you can't hear me on the speaker. maybe if you would turn off your goddamn hick truck ( the same one that all the hicks in this town have) and its deasil engine, you could hear me. did you ever think it was maybe your fault? didn't think so.

*hey norma, guess what, there is nooooooo way i care enough about your bonus at the end of the year to bust my ass and get u a good window time. if you dont want to miss cars, put someone on drive thru back up and help me when there is ten people in line

*no i dont get paid enough money to touch stuff that is 200 degrees without gloves on, so dont ask me to go faster and not use the spatula, or to suck it up, cause one day, i might just pore grease on your head or throw bowling hamburger meat at you and see how u like it

*if your fucking order was to go, and i hand you a bag, do the world a favor and fucking bag it up yourself if i have 35 pending orders to make and no one to help me. i dont get paid enough to fucking wait on u. sorry.

*one day me and jess or me and grace, which ever one has the headset, might accidently plan out how to set the building on fire.

*hey guess what? no body is a happy camper if they have to work a 9 hour shift and they get their lunch break 35 min after they got there and 2 ten minute breaks in the last 1/2 hour of the day. the fucking 8 hour block there, everyone feels like they are in their own personal hell, and yes, you the manager did it to your self. sucks doesnt it.

*maybe if you didnt treat me like i was stupid, i wouldnt act like it to humor myself and piss you off.

*****word of advice to everyone. be nice to the people who make and handle your food. they have more power than u think, and they will have the last laugh.********

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