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Today sucked ASS

Well, today was just as sucky as any other day. I went to school, shuttled Caroline, the "FAKE CRIPPLE" around all day.

I don't understand why everyone treats her special! She claims she needs the elevator so much when she comes from 1st period her and Liz walk down the fucking stairs? Now how does sum-1 who says they need an elevator key so bad walk down the stairs? As she claims to me that if she walks down stairs her legs freeze up and she cannot move because she has fucked up joints? HUH?

Now normally I wouldn't be bitching and moaning but all of a sudden the past month or so Caroline has been the biggest Bitch ever! Every little thing that I do, is just between me and you! (sorry guys! had to break into song rite there!) Well anyways everything that I do, Caroline is so quick to put me down and shit!!! it really bothers me b-c I’m so nice to her and a lot of my friends do not like her at all! they think she is a bitch! so I try really hard to stick up for her and shit but if she wants to treat me like a bitch then FUCK her! I don’t need her shit anymore!

oh, and since im bitching and moaning, I actually have something worth it to say!

Well, today in 3rd period Robert was sitting at my table with me and Caroline talking to me because he hates Caroline! and Claudia, Jennifer’s friend, hates me! So she walks over, looks at me sits on Roberts' lap and says "Is it too late for me to ask you out?" Robert goes "No, im still single!" So Claudia smirks at me and says "Will you go out with me?" Robert answers "Yes." So now I don’t know what to do except cry for the rest of my life!!!

As I mentioned b-4 in a previous entry, I think Robert has a sick twisted plan with all the girls he goes out with! Well, I've changed my theory!!!

Here goes it now: I am not FAT enough or UGLY enough for him to go out with!

That’s what I have decided because all of Roberts' girlfriends were either one or the other! Some were both!
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